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A wide range of composite structures are prepared from polymer resins combined with fibers.for a more extensive discussion of polymer composites. Laminated polymer structures consist of layers of fibrous material impregnated with and bonded together usually by a thermosetting resin to produce sheets, bars, rods, tubes, etc. The laminate may be decorative or industrial,the latter being of load-bearing mechanical or electrical grade.
Phenolic plastics
Phenolic plastics can be reinforced with paper, cotton fabric, asbestos paper fabric or felt, synthetic fabric, or wood flour. They are used for general-purpose mechanical and electrical parts. They have good mechanical and electrical properties
These are used for high-performance mechanical and electrical duties. Fillers used are paper, cotton fabric, and glass fiber.
Fillers used for melamine are paper, cotton fabric, asbestos paper fabric, and glass fabric. Melamines have a hard, non scratch surface, superior electrical properties, and can be rendered in self-colors. They are used for insulators, especially in wet and dirty conditions, and for decorative and industrial laminates.
Polyimide is most often used with glass fabric as filler. Polyimides have superior thermal and electrical properties with a service temperature similar to that for silicones but with two to three times the strength and flexibility.
This is normally used with glass fabric (the cheapest) filler. The mechanical and electrical properties are inferior to those of epoxy. It can be rendered in self-colors.
Silicone is used with asbestos paper and fabric and glass fabric fillers for high-temperature applications (250ーC; intermittent use 300ーC). It has excellent electrical but inferior mechanical properties.
tufnol,is the trade name for a large range of sheet, rod, and tube materials using phenolic resin with paper and asbestos fabric and epoxy resin with glass or fabric.